HF/VHF Communication.

Innovative technologies with high interoperability to support a variety of aircraft. Our communication solutions are characterized by low power consumption and compact dimensions.

Airborne HF/VHF-communication
of the next generation.

The “HRA 9100” HF communication system is the next generation HF radio system for flying platforms. It supports multiple communication methods for voice and data links in air-to-air and air-to-ground applications. The HRA 9100 provides highly reliable and encrypted communication links while flying in non-visible conditions including NVIS (Near Vertical Incidence Skywave) and NoE conditions in high profile landscapes. The HRA 9100 consists of the HTR 9100 SDR transceiver, which includes the radio processor, RF modem and transceiver, and the ATU 9100 antenna matching unit.

  • Frequency range 2 - 30 MHz
  • Operation-oriented selection of national and NATO-specific communication procedures switchable in the device
  • High adaptive data rate >8000 bps at only 3 kHz channel bandwidth (THE - Tactical HF Enabler)
  • Extremely robust methods for very poor radio links
  • Broadband HF up to 240 kbps@48 kHz bandwidth
  • Interoperable with HRA 5100 (Tiger, NH90, CH-53)
  • Interchangeable with HRA 5100
  • Interoperable with HF systems introduced in the army, SKB, navy and air force as well as SVFuA