Mobile high-performance radios, tactical data links via modems, parallel voice and data transmission, video streams in real time – could Heinrich Hertz have anticipated the significance of his discovery on this scale? In 1888 he succeeded in proving the existence of electromagnetic waves. In doing so, he laid the foundation stone for a global brand from which we finally emerged as TELEFUNKEN RACOMS after an eventful company history.
Our specialization in state-of-the-art communications and reconnaissance technology and our continuous involvement in modern security issues have made us a competent partner for military system solutions. We are constantly expanding our portfolio, also with a view to regulatory requirements. With products for radio communication, high-performance night vision equipment, optronics, sensor technology, UAVs, and cyber security solutions, we are developing as a globally relevant systems house for the security requirements of modern forces.
The individual solutions of TELEFUNKEN RACOMS can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the end user. Our services range from consulting and planning, development and production to project management and complete system integration.

With his discovery of electromagnetic waves, Heinrich Hertz proved to be the initiator of radio communication at the end of the 19th century, which led to the founding of the TELEFUNKEN company in 1903. For more than 100 years, the German brand TELEFUNKEN has been known worldwide and stands for innovative thinking, highly developed technology and uncompromising quality. Today the systems of TELEFUNKEN RACOMS are used in modern, safety-relevant and high-tech Areas.

  • 1989

    Foundation of the DASA Holding

    by Dornier GmbH, MBB, MTU and TELEFUNKEN Systemtechnik

  • 1903


    of TELEFUNKEN GmbH as a joint venture (between AEG, Siemens and Halske) – first German research and development company for radio technology

  • 2000

    New foundation

    under the name „EADS Radio Communication System GmbH & Co. KG – EADS RACOMS“

  • 2004

    Change of name

    EADS RACOMS is renamed „TELEFUNKEN Radio Communication Systems GmbH & Co. KG – TELEFUNKEN RACOMS“